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This innovative and scientific formula triggers cellular reaction to skin reparative processes that is usually only optimal in the early stages of life, and compromised with age and environmental factors. Formulated with biopeptide, and nutritive moisturizing actives to repair tissue damage and provide moisture surge. Containing scientifically proven biomemetic active Acetyl Tetrapepetide-2 responsible to mimic the youth hormone thymopoietin to compensate for the natural loss of thymic factor which are responsible for cell renewal and skin’s natural immune function. This natural and ingenious solution can restore years to your appearance, by reinforcing skin’s immune defense and boost epidermal fibroblast regeneration, further signaling molecules which modulate a variety of skin’s physiological process and fibroblast epidermal growth.

Key Benefits:

• Reinforces the skin’s immune system
• Boosts epidermal regeneration and hydration
• Provides a nourishing recovery effect on the skin
• Repairs and regenerates epidermal tissue.
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Skin Type: For all skin types

Daily Application: Morning & evening

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