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Skin is such a delicate organ and, if not taken care of properly, can get damaged easily due to environmental stresses. Summer time is especially pretty harsh on the skin with all the heat and harmful radiations and thus requires special care to make sure your skin stays healthy and beautiful.

Here are some tips that can help you protect your skin during summer:

1)Stay away from the sun and do not forget sunscreen So simple, isn’t it?

As far as possible, avoid exposure of the skin to direct sunlight as it contains UV rays that can harm your skin. Use sunscreens, umbrellas or big hats that can shield your skin from the sun. It is important that the sunscreen be applied about at least 15 minutes prior to stepping out into the sun as it requires some time to get absorbed into the skin. Our solar defense Lotion is an excellent choice, not only light and absorbent, also suitable for all climates including aquatic activities due to its water resistance barrier protection.

2) Hydrate your skin

Dehydration is as harmful for your skin as it is for rest of your body. Make sure you take sufficient fluids and use moisturizers that can keep your skin hydrated. Avoid diuretics as much as you can. Remember your skin needs water to keep the cells functioning normally and to remove toxins from your body.

3) Cleanse your skin regularly

Summer heat leads to sweating and secretion of the oily sebum, therefore, regular cleansing is important. This also helps unclog the pores and reduce acne outbreaks.

4) Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation helps remove dead cells and promote skin microcirculation. It is especially important to exfoliate the skin in summer as there is increased cell death from UV damage and free radical injury during summer. At Skin Biotonix we carry a complete range of exfoliants for all skin type and conditions that you can profit from.

5) Use antioxidants, Oxygen infusion , Bio Marine Actives , and hydrating masks

Free radical production due to environmental stress occurs more in summer time, which is bad for the skin. Therefore, use of anti-oxidants in daily diet & through topical application is highly recommended. Skin also requires oxygen to be delivered appropriately thru out the cell. During this time skin could use additional infusion of topical agents such as our oxygen Micro Plasma serum, Bio Marine Plasma A.M, &P.M Therapy, highly nutritious containing high performance hydrating actives, and our corrective masks each one designed to rejuvenate skin and more.

6) Use emollients

Despite taking precautionary measures, you might get sunburns. Use emollients to soothe the damaged areas of the skin.

7) Repair photo-damaged skin

Skin cell due to UV damage may result in photo-aging, manifested as wrinkles, rough skin and fine lines. Effective anti-oxidants, hydrating agents, exclusive peptides for wrinkle repair, and regular use of solar defense SPF is essential in order to repair photo damage caused by UV radiation, environmental assault or simple aging with corrective care system .