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Water comprises much of our body and maintaining proper hydration is essential for proper function of cells and organs. The skin is an important organ and water plays a key role in its maintenance. Skin hydration refers to the amount of fluid present in the skin at a cellular level. Adequate hydration ensures normal skin function whereas, dehydration leads to broken skin cells that is vulnerable to environmental stresses. At Skin Biotonix all products offered contribute in different ways to this important element by reaching into core of skin cells and maintaining a balanced Hydration.

• ‘Want a good barrier!’ Hydrate your skin: As the first line of defense, skin is a highly effective, tough and flexible barrier against microorganisms, toxic agents and ultraviolet radiation, provided it is properly hydrated. However, if the water content falls below 10 per cent within the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin), it becomes dry, less flexible and increasingly prone to damage, breakdown and infection.

• ‘Wanna look pretty!’ Hydrate your skin: Properly hydrated skin looks healthier, more vibrant, and is soft to the touch. Retention of water in the skin is facilitated by hyaluronic acid and sebum, a complex oily mixture of fatty acids, waxes, and other natural chemicals secreted by the sebaceous glands. Dehydrated skin is flaky, itchy, cracked, and wrinkled in appearance.

• ‘Tired of toxins!’ Hydrate your skin: Skin needs to have enough water so that toxins can be diluted and eliminated through it. In dehydrated skin, the sweat becomes more concentrated, impairing the removal of toxins and leading to skin disorders.

• ‘Looking too old for your age!’ Hydrate your skin: .The number of sebaceous glands in the skin is reduced with age and the amount of oil secreted onto the skin surface by these glands is diminished. As a result, the skin loses its ability to hold moisture and becomes wrinkled. While the process of ageing cannot be completely blocked, its manifestations in skin can definitely be delayed by maintaining proper hydration status.

• ‘Mom, the wound from last week’s football game hasn’t healed!’ Hydrate your skin: When injured, well hydrated skin heals faster and with fewer scars. Maintenance of proper skin hydration is even more important in diabetics, due to their already diminished wound healing capacity.

• ‘Acne, oh no! Not again!’ Hydrate your skin: Normal hydration of skin is especially important for patients with disorders that can be exacerbated by dry skin (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and photo-damage). Inadequate hydration of dermal cells results in blockage of hair follicles and bacterial accumulation leading to acne.

• ‘Dad! Does grandpa need a moisturizer?’ Of course, he does: Epidermal hydration affects the friction between skin and textiles and is, therefore, a critical factor in the formation of blisters, abrasions and decubitus, more so in bedridden persons.