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Glucides, a term generally used for carbohydrates, provide primary energy source for sustaining life. The extracellular matrix and secreted macromolecules are made up of most of polysaccharide (form of carbohydrate, complex molecular conjugates known as polysaccharides or glycans). They can control or mediate a wide variety of actions in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions vital to the growth and function of all complex multicellular beings and also interactions between beings (for instance, between host and parasite). Also, simple, strongly dynamic protein-bound glycans are abundant in the nucleus and cytoplasm, where they appear to serve as controller switches. Glucides are ubiquitous in nature and, as part of the extracellular matrix, play a vital role in transmitting important inter and extra cellular biochemical messages. In order to do this, these guide the cellular communication that is vital for healthy cell and tissue development and physiological function. Glucides also play an important role in skin care. These eliminate scars, blemishes, dermal conditions, skin tissue damaged and making skin softer and healthier.

Enzymes are mainly proteins that speed up the rate of reactions without being consumed in the reaction themselves. They are used in biological processes as they can drive forward a reaction at normal body temperatures that would otherwise need dangerously high temperatures. Enzymes are are very gentle proteolytic chemical exfoli¬ants. While there are various uses of enzymes, two primary uses in skin care specifically for exfoliation and anti-inflammation. Certain enzymes like papain found in papaya, or bromelain found in pineapple or even a blueberry extract are effective exfoliants. The surface of our skin is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein and these enzymes work by targeting and breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin, in addition to this physically stimulate the rejuvenation of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin over time. Other enzymes which are found naturally in the skin can function as scavenger of free radicals and protect skin against oxidative damage. Simply the enzymes used in skin care products can protect against damage from sun, environmental pollutants and even acne.