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When we are young, our skin is soft, plump and elastic. This is due to the normal hydration of skin cells and the support provided to the skin by underlying connective tissues, composed of the important proteins collagen and elastin. While collagen provides strength to the skin firmness, elastin promotes elasticity so that it can bounce back to the normal position after getting stretched. However, as we age, there is less retention of water in the skin, which results in a decrease in the skin tone, and reduction in the levels of collagen and elastin. Therefore, the skin becomes dry and rough, loses its firmness and becomes less elastic forming wrinkles and fine lines. At skin Biotonix various skin care options are used for restoring the firmness of skin. First and foremost, agents that promote skin hydration such, cleansers with potent minerals and antioxidants, Firming Facial Toners containing specific minerals to keep skin muscles firm, Collection of our antioxidant Treatments, Bio Marine Plasma, and various specific peptides are utilized to keep one’s skin firm. Plant Stem Cells are a recent addition to anti-aging skin care industry and to our collection , our Stem cell repair serum contains contain growth factors and proteins that promote growth of new cells and production of collagen and elastin and help firm wrinkles, slow the development of new lines, and repair UV damaged skin.