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Similar to the effects of aging on the skin covering various parts of the face, skin around the eyes also loses water and experiences loss in skin collagen and elastin levels. The result is formation of wrinkles especially near the outer canthus of the eye.

Crows feet, also known as laugh lines or smile lines around eyes, are small wrinkles radiating outward from the outer corners of eyes. They are one of the first wrinkles to appear during the aging process. Smiling tightens the orbital muscle, which shortens the length of the muscle relative to the skin. With time small wrinkles form that eventually progress to deep lines.

Various skin care approaches are needed to treat eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. These include moisturizers infused with proper nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, cutting edge peptides, stem cell, Oxygen Micro plasma, Bio Marine plasma, are utilized to repair skin cell within, and to promote skin hydration, and to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Our eye crèmes are infused with proper nutrients, antioxidants, Essential Fatty acids and Anti Wrinkle peptides to target all areas of skin around delicate area of the eye.