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Environmental aging occurs as a result of environmental influences UV exposure from sunlight, air pollution, smoke, harsh weather, and external stress. These environmental influences generally lead to the formation of free radicals that damage vital components of the cell such as lipid bio membranes, proteins, and DNA. Environmental aging is characterized by striking morphologic and physiologic changes and in general leads to a premature aging of the skin. It is usually manifested as dry and rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation defects such as age spots. These skin care concerns superimpose the intrinsic skin aging signs at chronically exposed areas of the body.

UV irradiation from sunlight is the primary environmental stressor that accounts for majority of the premature skin aging. The effects of UV irradiation on skin are potentiated by pollution, increasing free radical production. Harsh weather (dry air, wind, and cold) depletes skin of essential moisture, resulting in a rough texture and fine, dry lines. Cigarette smoking is yet another important stressor that increases free radical production and may decrease collagen and elastin production. Moreover, smoking leads to hypoxia in the skin cells.

We at skin Biotonix utilize various skin care approaches to treat environmental aging. From our range Hydrating actives, cleansers, toners, moisture therapies to promote skin hydration stimulating collagen and elastin production, to our Antioxidant and vitamin collection , exfoliants, and cutting edge peptides, stem cell and Human Growth Factor are used to combat environmental damage. Our resurfacing techniques using chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, are highly effective as well. Plant Stem Cells , oxygen therapy, and Human Growth factors are a recent addition to anti-aging skin care industry and to our added portfolio with an advanced formulation that promises high results and promotes growth of new cells, production of collagen and elastin, firms wrinkles, as well as slows and prohibit the development of new lines, and repair UV damaged skin. All above high performance ingredients are utilized in our formulations for various skin concerns and treatments at its optimal % with synergestic actives at its purest form for optimum result.